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Allison Vanore

Producer, Director, & Writer

Allison Vanore is a two-time Emmy-nominated producer of award-winning digital series After Forever and hit Stylehaul digital series Vanity. Allison served as the Head of Production for Canvas Media Studios where she produced Wear It to Win It for Facebook Watch. She's a member of Women in Media, a non-profit that encourages gender balance in film and entertainment industries.

Allison's feature film credits include dramas Buck Run (Palm Springs premiere 2019), The Rainbow Experiment (Gravitas, 2018), 42 Seconds of Happiness (Indie Rights 2017),  Daddy (Breaking Glass, 2016), horror comedy Love in the Time of Monsters (Indican Pictures, 2012), and comedies Office Ninja (Indie Rights, 2014) and Hopelessly In June (Phase 4 [now eOne], 2011).

Allison's digital series credits include After Forever (Amazon, 2018-), Dark/Web (post-production), Whatta Lark (RevryTV, 2018-), Wear It to Win It (Facebook, 2018), Vanity (Stylehaul, 2015-), Socio (pilot), Gringa Latina (2014-16), Producing Juliet (Amazon, 2013-14), What's Your Healthy? (My Damn Channel 2013), Anyone But Me (Hulu, 2012-16), Cost of Capital (YouTube, 2012), SOLO: The Series (YouTube, 2010-11), and Dating In With Mannix (GDE, Yahoo!, 2007).

Allison is currently developing audio dramas The Librarian, which she is writing/directing, and Dinosaur Hunter, written/directed by her husband Rob Gokee (music composer, writer, author). She's also the co-producer of non-scripted podcasts Tacocity and Mitchum with Gokee.

Allison co-created non-scripted video series PAWDcasts: Pilar and the World of Dogs with Pilar Kuhn and We Like to Watch with Ari + Tamara with Tina Cesa Ward.

Between 2017-18, Allison produced 22 short horror films for Crypt TV. Of those, she wrote four and directed five. Allison also directed episodes of PAWDcasts: Pilar and the World of Dogs, Diary of a Wedding Planner, The Grass is Greener, and  SOLO: The Series. She wrote two episodes of "The Ladies" in The Ladies and the Gents companion series.

Allison is published in the book "Thriving in Hollywood!: Tenacious Tales & Tactics from Ms. In The Biz" and is a contributing writer for the site.

Allison taught Producing Independent Film and New Media at the Los Angeles Film School from 2012 - 2015.

From 2004 - 2008 Allison served as the Director of Creative Operations for boutique interactive design house Georgopoulos Design Environments servicing agency and studio clients such as Disney, Sony, ABC, Imagination Games, Yahoo! and Nissan. Prior to GDE, Allison worked for Franta Design Group developing materials for Yamaha Motor Corp.

Allison frequently speaks at conferences, festivals and industry events. Recent speaking engagements include the HollyWeb, IAWTV Awards Craft Panels, Austin Film Festival, Monmouth Film Festival, HollyShorts, and SAG-AFTRA.

Allison is a graduate of the University of Arizona where she received a BFA in Media Arts. She grew up in Wall Township, New Jersey.

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