Launching IndieGoGo for Replaced Series

Replaced Series

Starring: Jon Briddell, Lisa Catara, Harrison White and John T. Cogan

Creator/Director/Producer: Heath Vinyard

Producer: Allison Vanore

Dir. of Photography/Producer: Jorge Bicer

There is much debate and discussion over the monetization of video content on the web - even just today there were discussions at the NewTeeVee Conference on this topic.  Brands, studios and distribution companies are slowly seeing our medium as a viable way to make money.  Our community is making entertaining, well written and well acted content and our audience is growing.  We're figuring out how to brand, promote and market our shows to our massive global audience.

While we continue to pitch and promote our shows we also need to keep doing what we do best.  Tell stories.  We're committed to telling stories that are unique and inspiring and we aim to build a positive creative force and an engaged fan base behind them.

This week we are launching the IndieGoGo campaign for Replaced Series in order to raise money to shoot pilot episodes of this show.  We have received funds from a private source and so this fund raising campaign will serve as Gap funding to reach our budgetary goal.  We know that with a show like this we can find an audience.

What is Replaced about?  Here's a summary:

Still grieving from the death of his son and the divorce from his wife that ensued from the tragedy, U.S. Marshal Alexander Finche (Jon Briddell) finds himself the target in a genetic conspiracy and framed for a murder he didn't commit.

Alex leads a fugitive case and crosses paths with a former geneticist, but now convicted felon Jesse Sinclair (John T. Cogan), who was once an integral part of the plot against Alex, but has now been cast out of the organization, discredited and humiliated in front of his former peers. Alex and his partner Samantha Baine (Lisa Catara) are on the trail of a man named Darren Anderson, a powerful person with whom Sinclair is very familiar and whom he fears. Sinclair knows about Alex’s past, his divorce, the death of his son, and how his life has spiraled out of control since searching for Anderson.

On the hunt for Alex is an ex-military Special Forces veteran, Carter Bell, who now heads a government sanctioned private military agency. Bell, instrumental in causing the death of Alex’s son, is relentless and will stop at nothing to capture Alex, even killing those that stand in his way. Those that are not killed are simply REPLACED.

Now on the run with his own longtime partner Sam hunting him, Alex must unravel the plot against him, clear his name, and find the elusive architect behind this massive conspiracy that reaches the highest levels he didn't think possible.

With $8,500 in additional funds our team will be able to deliver top notch, exciting drama as seen in Vinyard's End Result and a collection of talent brought together by Casting Director, Laurie Records (SOLO The Series).  Together with Producer, Allison Vanore (SOLO The Series, Hopelessly in June) this team is unstoppable.  This may just be the next successful show on the web.

To donate a few bucks (or an entire suitcase full) please visit our IndieGoGo campaign for Replaced Series.

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