Original Series


Compassionate Cleaning Service in association with Steven Deeble

Compassionate Cleaning Service is a independent television series about three burnout brothers who launch a business cleaning marijuana dispensaries in the hopes of finding additional “benefits” between the cracks.


It's Always Greener in association with Alicia Ying

Select scenes directed by Allison Vanore.

Diary of a Wedding Planner, in association with Brandi Ford

Select future episodes to be directed by Allison Vanore of allieciné

Diary of a Wedding Planner is a comedic webseries about a loveable planner named Khristy who moves from a small town to LA in order to “plan in the big leagues” and find love. Unfortunately Khristy is much better at helping her couples rather than herself.

Dating in with Mannix, 2007 in association with Georgopoulos Design Environments
Episodes 1 - 5

Episode 1 - Main Course

Written and Hosted by: Mannix

Co-Written & Directed by: Allison Vanore

Produced by: John Georgopoulos & Matt Jackson

Dating in with Mannix: Main Course from Alliecine on Vimeo.

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