With so many events, shoots, screenings and parties all the time, it's easy to miss out on events that would be truly beneficial to attend.  I propose that we try to compile events in one place.  I'm willing to do it as long as I have your help... when you see info about an event that's industry related and open on some level to people in the web, tv and film industries, please pass the info along to me either by txt, email, DM or FB message.  This way we can keep track of important dates.

Events this week:

Monday, November 1

7:30pm - 10:00pm

Host: Cornbread Films

Event: "Hopelessly in June" Test Screening

By Invitation Only (click to request an invitation)

Theatre in Burbank, CA

Cost: FREE

Wednesday, November 3

7:00pm - 10:00pm

Host: Digital LA

Event: Latino Marketing Panel @ Spanish Kitchen (click for more info)

826 N La Cienega Blvd

Los Angeles, CA

Cost: FREE

8:00pm - 11:30pm

Host: Stay Tuned TV-net

Event: Manipulation: World Premiere Screening (click for more info)

El Cid

4212 Sunset Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA

Cost: unknown

Thursday, November 4

5:30pm - 8:00pm

Event: AFM Cocktails (click for more info)

Host: Digital LA

Casa Del Mar

1910 Ocean Way

Santa Monica, CA

Cost: FREE

7:00pm - 10:00pm

Event: Girls! Girls! Girls! The Film - Special Event (click for more info)

Host: April Wade, Jenn Fee, America Young

Private Residence - RSVP for info

Cost: $75

6:30pm - 8:00pm

Event: ShowBiz Labor Guide VIP Launch Party (click for more info)

Host: ShowBiz

Capitol City Hollywood

1615 N Cahuenga Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90028

Cost: FREE (click to RSVP)

If you know of an event, are hosting and event or would like to submit information for next week, please email us here.  Thank you for contributing to the event list!  If there are mistakes above, please contact us here and provide the revised information.  Thank you!

After a successful IndieGoGo campaign we were able to put the $7100 raised towards shooting Episodes 4 - 9 of SOLO The Series which will finish out Season 1 of our series.  Our goal was to raise $13K and if we had been able to do that in time, we would have been able to pay a small stipend to our cast and crew for their time, energy and creativity.  Luckily, we have a passionate team that stood behind us regardless of the pay!

Ext. Drizhal House - Night.

Here's a run down of our week of production:


Production Meeting with our Team: Frederick Snyder (Director), Raphe Wolfgang (DP), Chris Szadkowski (Production Design), Andrew Seely (AD), Jonathan Nail (Creator) and me - Allison Vanore (Producer).


Meeting w/ Corina Spadoni - Wardrobe

Equipment Pick-Ups


Prepare and send out Call Sheets

Finalize the remaining crew & cast schedules


Shooting in the Artemis Breakroom.

Pre-light: Spent the night lighting the spaceship in Jonathan's garage, building dimmers and eating pizza.

Art Load-in: We were wow'ed by Chris' props and techy/electronic capabilities.

Wardrobe fittings

Rehearsal on set / choreography

Monday - Day 1 - Spaceship

Call time 5pm

Wrapped at 4am

Tuesday - Day 2 - Spaceship

Call time 5pm

Wrapped at 4am

Scott (Jonathan Nail), PHAL, and Gaffer, Brian Carroll in the Artemis.

Wednesday - Day 3 - Spaceship

Call time 5pm

Wrapped at 5am


Since we wrapped early in the morning this is a "day off" however due to running out of time on some coverage, our camera team decides to shoot for a couple of hours to get coverage of PHAL and Scott in the ship.


Call time 6am

The morning scenes were supposed to take place outside and included a pool and hot tub... this morning was extremely cold and the yard we were shooting in was shaded so the look and the performance of the actors was greatly affected by the location and weather.  After discussing these problems, running through the first shot a few times and then trying to subdue an extremely excited and loud squirrel in the tree above, we decided to scrap the location and change the scene.  This scene will be shot on an upcoming weekend in November.

Becks (Michele Boyd) in bed & Production Designer Chris Szadkowski preps for the shot.

Wrapped at 5pm


Call time 7am

This day consisted of a lot of blocking and dialogue between characters, Gerry and Ratish, as well as a few new additions.  We ended the night with a lot of laughs as we added a few touches to the Becks bedroom scene that has to do, yet again, with shoes.

Wrapped at 7:30pm


Call time 11am

Sunday felt a bit schizophrenic because we shot Yakuza scenes in the dining room, Green screen in the living room and then Office scenes in the office and Ext. night shots... we were all over the place!  At the end of the night, we were borrowing Jonathan's neighbor's car for the last scene and after about 45 minutes of the car sitting there with the headlights on... the car died.  Go figure.

Lexi Collins (Kimberly Atkinson) of Entertainment Wow

We didn't have the car on due to sound issues but the lights were on for the look.  A dead battery ended our night a bit early and a shot or two short.

Wrapped at 11:30pm

After wrapping these 6 days we began the editing process with our editor extraordinaire, Frank Mohler.  At the same time we have about 2 and a half days left to shoot so our time is spent location scouting and getting wardrobe and art set for the last few scenes of the show!

At this point I have seen rough cuts of Episodes 4, 5 and 6 - and I'm excited because it's looking great!

More to come soon!  For more photos from the shoot, check out our Facebook Fan Page for SOLO and the official website.