I'm working with Robert de Almeida on short horror film, "Kill Devil Hill" this week.  We shot one day exterior woods last weekend with young actor, Aiden Miranda.  This weekend we shoot our interior house scenes with our entire cast including Aiden's older brother, Hunter Miranda, who I've worked with on "Junkyard" and "The Price of Silence - PSA" over the past few years.

For more information: "Kill Devil Hill".

"Kill Devil Hill"

Writer/Producer/Director   Robert de Almeida

Associate Producer/AD   Allison Vanore

Director of Photography   Gregory White

Music Composer   Rob Gokee

"Junkyard" producer, Allison Vanore, and writer/director, Michael Skvarla, traveled to Tucson, Arizona this October for the screening of their short film during the 2009 Tucson Film & Music Festival.

Other notes about the festival:

Hanson Film Institute

Visit the festival online at Tucson Film and Music Festival. This year's line up includes several films by Media Arts alumni includng Allison Vanore, Keith Ozar, Chelsea Cole and Michael Toubassi. In collaboration with Upstairs Film and the Tucson Film Office.

UA Media Arts Alum Blog

“Junkyard” will be screening as a part of the shorts section at the Crossroads Cinema on Swan and Grant, on Saturday, October 10th at 1:30pm.