The third episode is up for your viewing pleasure!  This episode was directed by show producer, Allison Vanore.  With only three episodes shot, this episode marks the end of SOLO The Series while the show raises funds to continue production.  Blessed by such amazing and generous donors, SOLO is 20% funded!  To donate to SOLO please visit our Indie GoGo page to make your tax deductible contribution and to get some swag!!

Episode 3 has a surprise "guest" star who we flew in from the East Coast just for the filming.  Check it out!

Starring: Jonathan Nail, Michele Boyd, Jason Burns, and Ronnie Butler


The long anticipated sci-fi comedy webseries, SOLO The Series, is live today!  Episode 1, We're Canceled, is available on,, and  You can also see it right here!

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The Biggest Event Since 1776

Your favorite patriotic web series, SOLO The Series, is launching Episodes 1 - 3 beginning Tues., July 6th on The SOLO Official Site.

Episode 1 - Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Episode 2 - Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Episode 3 - Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Don't miss it!  Tell your friends, neighbors, agents, managers, alien abductors and therapists!

About SOLO

Our hero, Scott Drizhal, is chosen to go on a solo, 3 year mission to Mars as part of a reality series. Unfortunately the show is canceled and Scott is now stuck on a round-trip ticket to Mars and back. With no company in deep space other than a smart-ass, artificially-intelligent ship computer (PHAL), his wife declaring him legally dead so she can claim the millions in insurance, a Napoleonic producer whose hubris lands him and the show into Japanese mafia infested waters and a malfunctioning, prototype ship that was never meant to fly to Mars... Hilarity ensues.

Starring Jonathan Nail, Michele Boyd, Jay Caputo, Jason Burns, Amol Shah, and Melissa Dalton.

Kristyn Burtt of The Web Files talks with the cast and crew of our show, S.O.L.O. The Series.  Check it out (never before seen clips from Episodes 1 - 3)!

Interviewed: Jonathan Nail, Allison Vanore, Rob Gokee, Michele Boyd, Jay Caputo, Amol Shah, Melissa Dalton, PJ Gaynard, Jason Burns