Office Ninja, he's gonna getcha!

The award-winning comedy OFFICE NINJA starring Jade Carter, Jose Rosete, Francois Chau, Jessica Mills, Robb Padgett and Todd Johnson released on iTunes this week!  I had the pleasure of working on this feature film as a 1st Assistant Director and after budding my nose in... an Associate Producer. We had a great cast and a lot of fun making this film so check it out! 

‘Office Ninja’ begins with Tomas (CARTER), a disenchanted office worker on the verge of a dream promotion. For Tomas and his coworkers-- goofball Raheem (ROSETE), newbie Jessica (MILLS), king of douchebags Jett (PADGETT), and their incompetent boss Daryl (JOHNSON) -- each day seems to blend into the next. But a dark change is coming. After finding out that the office jerk Jett has stolen his work as well as his coveted promotion, Tomas swears vengeance and follows the ways of the ninja in his quest to regain his honor and find the evidence that will end Jett's reign of office tyranny. But of course, since he's not an "actual" ninja, his plans for swift justice may not go quite as smoothly as he planned.

‘Office Ninja’ features an ensemble cast with Jade Carter (JAG, House), Jose Rosete (Age of Dinosaurs), Francois Chau (Lost), Jessica Mills (Awkward Embraces), Robb Padgett (Vampire Zombie Werewolf) and Todd Johnson (Mortal Kombat: Rebirth).

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Last week over 5K people watched SOLO The Series Episode 1!  This week, people are still talking about it.  Luckily, we have another episode to share!  Join the fan base, watch Episode 2 and then share it with everyone you know!

The SOLO team has also launched SOLO on where people can not only make a tax deductible donation toward the show but they get swag in return!  We hope that you love the show as much as we do and will fight with us to keep the show going.  We need $13K to finish shooting the season and we appreciate all of our Solonauts who chip in!  We've already raised 10% of our goal in just 2 days and every little bit helps!!

Episode 2 featuring Kimberly Atkinson as Lexi Collins, Jade Carter as Tripp Steves, Tohoru Masamune as Yakuza Boss and Hidekun Hah as Yakuza Henchman.