I want to look back and note all of the amazingly talented people I've worked with over the last year and give you an update on each film and series. So here's the quick run-down in the best format I could conjure up.

Love in the Time of Monsters - horror comedy

Highlight: Working with all of my University of Arizona friends on such a big endeavor! 

Accomplished: Film is complete and our Trailer is online! We hosted Private Screenings in Los Angeles, CA, Crescent City, CA & Tucson, AZ for Cast, Crew and Colleagues. We signed with reps at Circus Road Films.  We've been featured on Ain't it Cool News, Dread Central and in Sci-Fi Magazine!

Looking Forward: Film Festival Premiere (announcement coming January 29th), Thunderdikk Music Video Party and Release (coming soon!), more festivals around the world and distribution so our fans can finally see this bloody masterpiece!

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42 Seconds of Happiness - drama 

Highlight: Working with writer/director Christina Kallas who is fearless and brilliant.

Accomplished: Completed a fundraising campaign on IndieGoGo to fund our shoot. We shot the feature film in five days and it was amazing; unlike any film I've ever been a part of.  We have an editor working on the cut and we're seeking grants for finishing funds. Juggling People in Love in NYC and Writers Improv Studio.

Looking Forward: Bringing on the rest of our post production team. Hopefully receiving Finishing Funds for post and getting the word out to online distributors and film festivals about the film.  Perk fulfillment in the works for our donors.  Christina and I have already begun discussing plans for the next feature (aahhhh!)

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Ablution - drama

Highlight: Meeting Writer/Director Parisa Barani and being a part of this brave film.

Accomplished: Successful Kickstarter campaign raised enough money ($18,000+) to shoot the film!

Looking Forward: I can't wait to shoot this film and introduce the world to Parisa's voice.

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American Terror - action drama

Highlight: Hosting our first table read with talented US Veterans/Actors.

Accomplished: Our IndieGoGo Campaign allowed us to hire a writer, David Taylor, and grant writer, Aliza Pearl, to help us through the next stage of development. We had our first table read and invaluable feedback from US Veteran contacts. 

Looking Forward: We can't wait to finalize our screenplay, apply for grant money and get financing in place so we can go into production!  Perk fulfillment in the works for our donors.

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PAWDCasts: Pilar and the World of Dogs - hosted

Highlight: Directing an entire season of a show co-created with friend, Pilar Kuhn.

Accomplished: Completed 23 episodes of dog care tips. Attended the South Bay Kennel Club Dog Show in August. 

Looking Forward: We're planning topics and shooting dates for Season 2. Looking into brand sponsorship as well as launching a PSA campaign. 

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Producing Juliet - drama

Highlight: Working with Tina Cesa Ward again and joining the production in person in December for our second shoot!

Accomplished: 250,000 views on our first two episodes in a few weeks. Featured in Curve Magazine (Dec 2013 pg 68), After Ellen, Huffington Post and many other publications.  The fabulous Rochelle Dancel launched our Stage Stories website and we have some amazing stories you should check out! Watch Cast Conversations with our talented cast. Tina and I were interviewed on The Cutting Room Floor with Casey Ryan.

Looking Forward: We're launching Ep 3 on January 15th and Ep 4 on January 29th (so make sure you subscribe!) and hope to shoot more in the near future.

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Lookbook - drama

Highlight - Finally getting a chance to work with writer/director Bernie Su!

Accomplished: Kicked off the series launch with a packed party in Hollywood. Launched nine episodes on Lookbook.nu to a very engaged and hungry audience. Great coverage of our release across the web including The Hollywood Reporter and Tubefilter. Brand sponsorship and donations (because who can do a show about fashion without fashion brand involvement?!)

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The Ladies and the Gents - comedy

Highlight: Being able to write for a series that I'm not producing. While I would have loved to be in town and direct my episodes, being a writer only this time was a welcomed treat!

Accomplished: Wrote two episodes of The Ladies (Our Song and Rag Doll). Attended a packed launch party for the show. Episodes are online now for your viewing pleasure!

Looking Forward: I can't wait to hear what The Ladies and the Gents does next! Where ever they decide to go, I definitely want to be involved.

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My Gimpy Life - comedy

Highlight: Meeting and working with the lovely Teal Sherer!

Accomplished: Shot 4 episodes of My Gimpy Life Season 2. Got to work with some great actors including Mindy Sterling and Geri Jewell. Finally got to work with director Sean Becker.

Looking Forward: My Gimpy Life Season 2 launch dates coming soon so keep an eye out!

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Brian Majestic: Dinosaur Hunter - comedy

Highlight: Seeing Rob Gokee and Brian Majestic successfully complete their IndieGoGo Campaign in 4 days!

Accomplished: Successful fundraising campaign. Casting talented people like Sheila Daley and Daryl Crittenden to accompany the rest of the cast. Bringing on a small but dedicated crew.

Looking Forward: Locking Locations and shooting this crazy show!

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Cost of Capital - drama

Highlight: Working with Goldie Chan and Brian DeChesare on Season 2 plans.

Accomplished: Hired writer, Douglas Stark, to work with us on Season 2 and it's currently in the works!

Looking Forward: Hopefully shooting Season 2 this year!

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What's Your Healthy? - hosted

Highlight: Working with My Damn Channel & Aetna on this show.

Accomplished: Shot 10 episodes of What's Your Healthy? and six of the 10 are online.

Looking Forward: Four more episodes going up soon and hopefully more productions in the future.

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New Projects

I can't talk about some of the other projects I have in the works - YET. But what I do know is 2014 is going to rock even more than 2013. Let's do this!

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Shooting on a Shoestring, Distributing on a Dime
Get nuts and bolts advice from actors and directors who are successfully producing ultra-low budget films and web series.  Pick up tips on getting your feature distributed or your webisode sponsored. Panelists include: Joe Gold and Tammy Caplan, Desperate Acts of Magic; J.C. Calciano and Matt Solari, Is It Just Me?; John Alan Simon and Elizabeth Karr,Radio Free Albemuth; and Allison Vanore and Andy Gunn, Love in the Time of Monsters.
When: 7-9 p.m., Tuesday, Oct. 15, 2013
James Cagney Boardroom – Lobby Level
5757 Wilshire Blvd. 
Los Angeles, CA 90036


LITOM PosterI think back to the 80s and early 90s... my sisters and I were big into movies and had a huge collection of tapes (VHS) in drawers.  They were mostly recorded movies and shows off of the television.  We watched them over and over.  I know my parents wouldn't let us watch scary movies - or at least they would attempt to keep us from watching.  "No way!" to Friday the 13th, Halloween, Chucky, Gremlins, etc.  However, movies like Howard the Duck and The Peanut Butter Solution, Dark Crystal, Interview with a Vampire and Labyrinth were okay - though watching them now as an adult I wonder how these movies slipped past my parents. Other films I did see: Poltergeist I, II, and III, The Exorcist, Silence of the Lambs, Pet Sematary, It, Tremors, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Death Becomes Her, The Hand that Rocks the Cradle, Frankenstein, The Craft, Fear, Scream....  You get the picture.

So what draws me to Love in the Time of Monsters?  Well, it's a great script for one (thanks to long time friend, Michael Skvarla).  Second, the leads are women and they rock.  Third, the themes of the movie are sacrifice, courage, forgiveness, and Zombie Bigfoots.  (Okay Zombie Bigfoots isn't a theme but it should be!!)  Fourth, the amazing people we're pulling together for this film.  It's guaranteed to be fantastic. 

Introducing the director, Matt Jackson, a good friend and dedicated filmmaker - I'm so excited to watch him on this journey!  Andy Gunn - Producer and ring-leader - I worked with Andy and Matt on Background(ed) about 4 years ago and after numerous awards and festivals I'm happy to be making another film with them.  

Our Cast: So far we've got Kane Hodder - the guy who has played Jason in the last four Friday the 13th movies.  Kane is also our stunt coordinator and he's bringing along a bunch of his best stunt guys to play a handful of other key stunt performing roles in the film.  We've got Doug Jones - the guy who has played a million creatures (okay a million is a slight exaggeration) such as Fauno in Pan's Labyrinth and Abe Sapien in Hellboy.  The rest of our cast is growing - more juicy details to come in the near future.

Then we've got behind-the-scenes guys and girls with credits such as Thor, Hatchet, The Avengers, Transformers, Jeepers Creepers, and Dragon Age.  Every day we are joined by more and more skilled and gifted people.  And the best part - as if that wasn't enough, they are all damn cool, down to earth people and I'm excited to spend a few weeks up in the redwoods with them all.  We may never return.

So just to recap: Love in the Time of Monsters is oozing awesome.

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Here we are, time to jump into Replaced Series pre-production!  We have less than a month to plan our shoot dates and I can't wait!  We are so lucky to be working with such a talented cast and crew and to have so many resources at our disposal!

Firstly, I wanted to announce the newest members of our cast, Brian Majestic and Dave Reaves.  Brian is a co-star on the recently released GOLD: Night of the Zombie King series.  Dave Reaves has been filling his time on the set of Criminal Minds in SWAT gear!

US Marshal BadgeWhat are our biggest tasks at the moment? Locations, Picture Cars, Wardrobe and the possibility of shooting an additional scene or two.


We are looking to shoot in Orange County.  Why?  Firstly, our creator, Heath Vinyard, and DP, Jorge Bicer, live in the OC and secondly, permits are a lot cheaper there than in LA.  We are scouting for alley ways and industrial areas - think good chase scene locations.  Our interior locations are locked down already - offices are easy to come by.

Picture Cars:

We are in need of unmarked cop type cars as well as one cop car with lights.  I have a few people looking into this for us and so I'm confident that we'll be able to pull this off.


Dealing with cop and US Marshal uniforms are both fun and expensive if you're renting them from a rental house.  We've opted for a combination of both - make some of the items and rent the things we can't make.  Arts and crafts time!

Additional Scenes:

There is an additional location that we can shoot if we are able to come up with the dough and the access.  This additional location will add a huge amount of production value to the show as well as introducing another character - which is yet to be cast.  If we can secure an awesome actress for this role as well as the money to lock down this location, it'll be a go!

Replaced is set to shoot the first 2 episodes March 25 - 27.  We are actively looking for investors and distributors who are interested in seeing the entire show produced.  Please contact Allison Vanore for more information.


Check out my interview on the Replaced website... here's a short excerpt form the interview:

How did you become involved with Replaced?

I met Heath over a year ago at a lunch that was inspired by a Twitter conversation.  A few of us were discussing how to market and promote our shows online.  Bernie Su and Matt Meeks had amazing insight as to how they were promoting their shows and so we all decided to meet for lunch to discuss.  At the lunch: Bernie, Matt, Jamie Fishback, Jonathan Nail, Heath Vinyard and myself.

Continue reading....

Events this week:

All Week

The International Academy of Web Television (IAWTV) is currently offering open enrollment for prospective new members.  For more information and to apply, click here.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

8:00pm - 11:30pm

Hosts: Michael McCarthy Presents

Event: Web Series Unplugged

Dinner & Drinks at 8pm.  Films start rolling at 9pm.  Two screens! 21 yrs and up only.

El Cid

4212 Sunset Blvd
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Cost: $8 cover


Thursday, December 9, 2010

7:00pm - 10:00pm

Hosts: Digital LA

Event: Holiday Party

W Hollywood

6250 Hollywood Blvd
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Cost: $10 plus other fees / Registration Required


7:30pm - 10:00pm

Hosts: @AsylumSeries

Event: Asylum World Premiere Screening


6356 Hollywood Blvd
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Thursday, November 18, 2010

5:30pm - 11:30pm

Host: NewFilmmakers Series

Event: Directors Screening Series & Filmmaker Lounge!

You will have the opportunity to meet the directors of each film, the actors and other crew + participate in a live audience Q&A. There are pre-receptions and after parties for each program with live music by DJ Shy and DJ Don P.

NewFilmmakers Los Angeles at Sunset Gower Studios

1438 N. Gower St.
Los Angeles, CA

Cost: $6



Event: Producer's Group

Postponed to December 16, 2010

8:00pm - 11:00pm

Host: Digital LA

Event: lalawag Relaunch Party, presented by Valley Girl and Digital LA

W Westwood

930 Hilgard Avenue
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Cost: FREE

8:00pm - 10:00pm

Host: Co-presented by Flaunt Magazine and Pollution Studios

Event: What's Up, Docs? Screening of The Invention of Dr. Nakamats

The Cinefamily

611 N Fairfax Ave.

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

5:00pm - 8:00pm


Event: November 21 Screening - Short Film Program #2

Films by George Hickenlooper, Allison Craig, M. Keegan Uhl, Sean Gannet & Andrew Wilding


6356 Hollywood Blvd, upstairs
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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

7:00am – 8:30pm

Host: NewTeeVee & GigaOM

Event: Television Reinvented

Mission Bay Conference Center

San Francisco, CA

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Thursday, November 11, 2010



Event: Member Meeting re: Awards Show

2501 Michigan Ave
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7:00pm - 10:00pm

Host: Mental Eclectic and Film Method

Event: Shorts 'N Spirits Showcase Los Angeles

Where: Video Symphony

266 E. Magnolia

Burbank, CA

Cost: $5 presale or $10 at the door

Film Line Up:
-PREMIERE: Pretty The Series ep 3 season 2 (Steve Silverman)
-Cub (Scott Baker)
-The Fool: Bacon or Pig (John T Trigonis)
-The Fool: cig (John T Trigonis)
-4 Cups of Joe (T. Reed)
-Unemployment of Danny London ep 1 (Doug Ciwak)
-The Sword of Matin 2 (Matin Atrushi)
-Destiny's Stop (Dave Beeler and Tom Konkle)

Thursday 11/11 - Sunday 11/14

Valley Film Festival

CAP Theatre
13752 Ventura Blvd.
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
(Parking: Metered & permitted, with limited free parking)

Friday, November 12, 2010


Screening of Deceivers at the Valley Film Festival (see above)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Host: Stay Tuned TV-net

Event: Richard Walter, Head of UCLA Screenwriting Speaking Engagement

LA Valley College

5800 Fulton Ave, Sherman Oaks in Monarch Hall

Cost: FREE


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Congratulations to the cast and crew of "Hopelessly in June" for an amazing end of production! We have such a great support system and invaluable resources - couldn't have done it without you all!

Executive Producers, Jerry Mosley, Vincent Brantley & Jay Vetter with Lead Actress, Carolyn Neff

Our last days of production were our biggest yet! We had such talented actors join the team: Peter Jason, Stuart Pankin, Keith David, Ella Joyce, Ed Asner, Johnny Gill and Tiny Lister. Thank you all for allowing us to take our film to the next level and show people we really know what we're doing.

For many of us this is the largest project we've taken on and completed to date and so it's a huge achievement all around. We were able to celebrate with a champagne toast at the end of our biggest day surrounded by friends, family and colleagues in a beautiful space in San Pedro, CA.

Our post team is already underway cutting, recording, mixing and scoring. It won't be long until we can share "Hopelessly In June" with all of you!

What I ask is that you tell your friends and family about this film. "Like" it on Facebook and follow in Twitter. This way you'll be in the loop when we announce when and where you can see the film!

Thank you again to all who have supported us along the way.

Allison Vanore
Producer, "Hopelessly In June"

by Allison Vanore, Producer of "Hopelessly in June"

There’s nothing better than a well oiled machine.

These two weeks in August are really the busiest and most important weeks of our entire production. With a sudden influx of talent and resources, we are kicking it into gear and pumping out the film in a few big days on set!

Really it all comes down to preparation. All of my work is done before we even set foot on set (for the most part). If we’ve done our job preparing then it goes smoothly. What this preparation means is having all of my duties complete. A peek at my “to do” list... [more here]