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We begin this new beginning with Corey Feldman (his hair has grown back since the last movie) and he finds the grave of Jason out int he woods when two grave robbers show up and dig him up.

If you didn’t realize it, the Final Chapter wasn’t the final chapter after all (so shocked!).  The Friday the 13th franchise was reborn in 1985 with A New Beginning.  

The details:

  • Made in 1985
  • Directed by Danny Steinmann (Danny was set to direct 5 more but this fell through and then he had a horrible bike accident and couldn’t return to directing – this was his last movie)
  • Written by Martin Kitrosser (who has had a long career as a Script Supervisor on many Tarantino films including Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Inglourious Basterds)David CohenDanny Steinmann (Victor Miller)
  • Who did I recognize in this film? Corey Feldman (little Tommy!) 


Friday the 13th A New BeginningLet me say this upfront – this was my least favorite film of the five.

Jason was killed by Tommy Jarvis (Corey Feldman) in The Final Chapter.  We begin this new beginning with Corey Feldman (his hair has grown back since the last movie) and he finds the grave of Jason out in the woods when two grave robbers show up and dig him up.  When Jason is uncovered, he is obviously alive, stabs the two guys then comes after Tommy (who is hiding in the trees).  At that moment, Tommy wakes up from this nightmare (10 years later).  He’s in the back of a van clearly from a Mental Health facility.  Poor Tommy has spent his entire life in an asylum.

Tommy is to be reintegrated into normal life.  He’s dropped off at a halfway house for mentally disturbed teens.  During his first day, one of the patients pisses another off and it results in one of them killing the other with an axe.  Who gives a mentally disturbed kid an axe?  So that’s the 3rd kill in this movie but it’s not by Jason and seems oddly out of place.  

Friday the 13th death by leather bandMy problems with this film is that the characters aren’t like-able.  The only character I really care anything about is Reggie, a young boy who’s grandfather is the halfway house cook.  Reggie reminds us of young Tommy in the last movie.  Even old Tommy isn’t like-able because he continuously loses his cool and beats the shit out of people throughout this movie. He’s disturbed and crazy.  He doesn’t talk much and he constantly hallucinates that Jason is standing in front of him.  I found myself just waiting for him to snap.

Finally the real mass murdering begins.  Jason is somehow back, alive now (after 10 years) killing people.  He’s is killing everyone in sight:  The hicks down the road (who are way obnoxious and over the top).  The leather wearing teens who break down in the woods (who are very angry for no good reason).

JasonThere is pretty blatant nudity (of course) when two of the patients, Tina and Eddie, sneak off to have sex in the woods. Afterward Tina lays naked on the blanket while Eddie leaves to wash up in the stream.  While alone in the woods, Jason kills Tina.  When Eddie comes back, he’s killed (by leather strap… hm…).  None of the kills really left an impression except for Tina’s.  Jason uses gardening shears to gouge out her eyes.  

Finally at the end when Reggie and Pam, the lady who runs the halfway house, are in the barn trying to get away from Jason (Pam grabs a chainsaw to fight him off… until it dies).  Then Tommy shows up and confronts Jason.  He’s paralyzed with fear and Jason cuts him across the chest with the machete. Luckily Tommy has a switchblade which he stabs into Jason’s groin.  After a struggle they finally defeat Jason and he falls onto a spiked piece of farm equipment which punctures his body all over.  His mask comes off and it’s revealed that it hasn’t been Jason all along.  It’s Roy, the paramedic from the beginning who’s been dressing up as Jason and killing people.  He did this because his son was the guy killed in the beginning by the other disturbed kid which made him lose his mind (an entire movie of mentally disturbed people and no real Jason – doesn’t seem like a Jason movie to me then).Tommy Jarvis

In the end Tommy is really losing it.  He’s in the hospital hallucinating again.  He gets up and pulls Jason’s hockey mask from the drawer.  He puts it on and is about to stab Pam… but the movie ends. So, Jason doesn’t actually exist in the world of A New Beginning and we’re lead to believe that Tommy will be the new Jason.

We're introduced to the Jarvis family, a mother, her teenage daughter, Tricia, and younger son, Tommy (played by Corey Feldman). The Jarvis family live next door to a home that is rented out by a group of teens. These teens are up at the lake to skinny-dip, drink and have sex - as usual.

Well this was a treat.  A sequel with a few big names in it!  I really enjoyed it AND it actually scared me a bit.

The rundown:

This film also started directly following Part 3.  At the end of Part 3, Jason is dead on the ground of the barn.  In the beginning of Part 4, the medics pack him up in an ambulance and ship him off to the local hospital.  In the same fashion as the other films, Jason is not dead and he ends up waking up in the morgue, killing a doctor and a nurse who are in the middle of a little lustful argument.  Jason then heads back up to Crystal Lake where...
We're introduced to the Jarvis family, a mother, her teenage daughter, Tricia, and younger son, Tommy (played by Corey Feldman).  The Jarvis family live next door to a home that is rented out by a group of teens.  These teens are up at the lake to skinny-dip, drink and have sex - as usual.  
One of these kids is Jimmy or "Jimbo"  (played by Crispin Glover).  I love the scene when the carload of them is headed up to the house and Jimmy's friend is helping him figure out how to make it work with women.  He types something into "the old computer" - which is funny in itself because this is 1984. The computer acts almost like a magic 8-ball and Teddy jokes with Jimmy that the computer says he's "a dead fuck" aka "a lousy lay."  Nice foreshadowing... because we didn't already figure he'd make it out alive.  
A few other awesome Crispin Glover moments: his horribly awkward dance moves and then his sex scene with Tina - the bed collapses under the lovers and later, after the deed, he asks Tina if he's good in bed and Tina tells him he was amazing, followed by his huge dorky grin.  Pretty funny.  
Speaking of Tina... she's one of the twins in this film: Tina and Terri.  You can never go wrong with hot twins (note sarcasm). Tina is a slut and Terri isn't but she tries her best to put up with Jimmy's best friend, Ted, but she leaves him alone with a "Teddy" bear watching some black and white films from way back when of women at the lake dancing around mostly nude.  He gets killed obviously.  The rest of the teens get killed in the typical way of the other films.  
The more interesting part is when the Jarvis family and the random guy who is hunting Jason in the woods, Rob, ban together to find Jason. Mrs. Jarvis goes missing (and we assume she is killed).  Meanwhile her kids, Tricia and Tommy, realize what is going on (that Jason is back).  Rob, who claims that his sister was killed by Jason, is armed with a machete and a screwdriver at this point, along with Tricia, seek out Jason in the neighboring house (after all of the teens are killed).  They leave Tommy behind in the Jarvis home (because it's safer).  Rob and Tricia find Jason in the basement next door where Jason brutally kills Rob.  Tricia is left to fend for herself.  She high-tails it back to her house where she and Tommy barricade themselves in his bedroom.
Let's take a moment to talk about Tommy's bedroom. Tommy has a hobby of making scary masks and creatures.  I suppose his room looks a lot like Tom Savini's SFX house.  The room is littered with scary masks and limbs, etc.  The kid is obviously very creative and talented.  So they barricade themselves in the room but Jason hacks the door with an axe.  Luckily in a moment of panic, Tricia grabs a TV and bashes it over Jason's head (she must have been strong since that 80s TV was probably heavy as hell).  The TV seems to electrocute Jason and he sprawls out cold on the floor in the hallway.  
But like the Jason we all know, he isn't dead.  He wakes up and chases Tricia downstairs where he comes close to killing her.  Tommy as Young JasonTommy is inspired (by the news clippings he found earlier) and soon appears at the bottom of the stairs with a shaved head and grey face.  He now looks like a young Jason.  Using this tactic he is able to get Jason's attention and while he turns his back to Tricia, she stabs him with the machete.  Jason lays dead on the floor...  but then Jason stirs again, young Tommy grabs the machete and hacks away at Jason's body in somewhat of a psychotic fit.
The last moment of that scene shows Tommy hugging his sister, but then he turns and looks at the camera with that scary look that says he's not really okay.  

But this is the last film, right?  It may be called The Final Chapter but this franchise is far from over.  This film, despite getting mostly bad reviews, made about $32 million in the domestic box office and therefore Paramount decided to continue the franchise...


We then find ourselves 2 years after the Part 1 when the camp next to Crystal Lake is once again inhabited by a camp with counselors-in-training. They are all told the story of Jason and Mrs. Voorhees and the killings while sitting around a camp fire, of course.

I decided to watch Parts 2 and 3 back to back and post about them together... because I heard that 3 literally picks up right where 2 ends.  

Jason Victims

A bit about these two films:

Part 2


Part 3

Isn't this poster awesome (image to the right)!  Thanks to Jamie Fishback, I now have a cheat sheet as to how each person in F13 dies. (Don't worry, I'm not looking ahead)




Part 2 Poster

Part 2 begins about 6 months after Part 1.  Alice Hardy is in her home, still trying to recover from the horrific things that she witnessed and suffered at the hands of Mrs. Voorhees.  It's Friday the 13th again and we realize that she's really not alone.  Someone is there.  After numerous fake-outs, she is stabbed in the temple with a meat poker... but by who? (I knew it was Jason but I suppose others didn't at the time? Unless the trailers gave it away...)  A difference between Part 1 and 2 is that we no longer get that POV of the killer.  This time we don't really know where or when the killer will attack.

We then find ourselves 2 years after Part 1 when the camp next to Crystal Lake is  inhabited by counselors-in-training. They are all told the story of poor Jason and the now beheaded Mrs. Voorhees and the killings while sitting around a camp fire (of course).  They are all warned about the camp next door and told not to wander into that area. Most of them listen and instead take up drinking, playing games and having sex.  The night before the camp opens, they decide to split up and half of them go out to a casino and the other half stay behind.  One couple even ventures into the "off-limits" area of the camp but return unscathed.  Then the killing begins.  Each victim is caught alone either skinny-dipping, or having sex or going to the bathroom.  I swear, going to the bathroom might be the worst thing you could do when camping up near Crystal Lake.  

The main character is Ginny Field who is sleeping with the camp supervisor.  She begins to suspect that something is up. As people go missing and show up dead, she runs into the killer, Jason Voorhees, who is back (we thought he drowned but he's alive and living in the woods in a shack).  He's back and angry, ready to avenge his mother's death.  He hides his face however with a pillow case.  It makes him look like a faceless scarecrow.  

Pillowcase JasonGinny and her beau, Paul, eventually happen upon Jason's shack in the woods and discover a shrine to his mother, complete with her disgusting decomposing head and blue cable-knit sweater (and other bodies laying about).  Ginny ingeniously decides to pose as Jason's mother (by wearing the sweater) and it fools Jason for a little while into thinking his mother was talking to him.  I totally called it that she was going to put on the sweater though the idea of it really grossed me out.  Ginny and Paul eventually knock Jason out, cutting his shouder deep with his machete.  Ginny takes one last moment to remove the pillowcase from his head, revealing his hideously disfigured face.

When all was said and done, Jason had killed a fair share of the camp counselors.  We end the movie with Ginny being removed on a stretcher and not knowing if Paul lived or died.  Which brings us to Part 3.

Part 3 PosterPart 3 starts off with news reports that a killer is on the lose but of course no one takes this seriously.  A group of teens jump in a van and high tail it up to the lake the very next day while Ginny is being removed from the camp in an ambulance.  These teens have tons of pot and enough sex on their brains to miss the news.  On top of it all, the main character, Chris (female), even had an incident 2 years ago with Jason!  She claims that she was found by Jason in the woods, attacked, dragged off and then woke up in her bed unharmed and her parents never mentioned it.  She hasn't been back since.  How funny that she should choose THIS weekend of all weekends to return.  I'm confused by her story however.  My theory is that she dreamt her encounter... because why would he let her go and no one talk about it?

Anyway, as I began watching this film, I noticed shots that I would have thought would be in a 3D movie - you know, those cheesy 3D shots where something flies at the screen.  Well little did I know, it WAS a 3D movie.  Makes sense now.  Also, those amazing title graphics are just hysterical (but cutting-edge at the time, I'm sure).  

Loved the 80s Biker Gang that harasses the teens but then ends up dead before they can even wreak havoc on the camp. Also, have to love the "boy that cried wolf" moment when Shelly (male) really is dying but they think he's just playing a prank.  Thanks to his pranks, Jason ends up with his iconic hockey mask.  I had an, "Oh wow," moment in the beginning when the Latina character is told by a shop keeper that they don't take food stamps.  I couldn't imagine writing a line in a movie like that now.  But maybe that's just me.  I don't think it's funny.

Hockey Mask JasonOverall though, I would say that I found this movie, Part 3, the scariest so far.  I think it's because Jason finally finds his hockey mask (and maybe this image is engrained in my head) and also he seemed to move faster and no matter what happened to him, he never died.  He's invincible.  Though, at the very end, Chris hits him in the head with an axe and he's left laying on the ground. When the police take her away (she's acting like a crazy person but then again, who wouldn't after all that) we pan over and see Jason laying in the barn... I know he's not dead but how can the police miss him?  

I loved that at the end of the night Chris gets into a canoe and floats into the lake, passing out just like Alice did in Part 1. She wakes in the morning and hallucinates that Jason is running toward her and then Mrs. Voorhees launches out of the lake, just like Jason did in Part 1.  It was great.  Of course she dreamt this.  Which is why I'm thinking she must have dreamt the attack from Jason 2 years prior??  

I guess I'll have to keep watching to find out.


In an earlier post I admitted to never having seen most of the early horror films that we now consider classics. That includes the Friday the 13th franchise. Since we're making Love in the Time of Monsters AND I'll be working with Kane Hodder (he plays Lou and he's our stunt coordinator for the film) I figured there is no better time to do a little bit of horror film research.

Friday the 13th

In an earlier post I admitted to never having seen most of the early horror films that we now consider classics.  That includes the Friday the 13th franchise.  Since we're making Love in the Time of Monsters AND I'll be working with Kane Hodder (he plays Lou and he's our stunt coordinator for the film) I figured there is no better time to do a little bit of horror film research.  Rob Gokee actually owns all 13 of them (at least I think there are 13 including the doc - which makes total sense).  So, I watched the first one.

The quick details for Friday the 13th 

By the way, isn't the art work for the film just awesome?  Gotta love it.

**SPOILER ALERT** (I'm just being nice.  I think 30 years is plenty of time to reveal spoilers so deal!)

My overall experience was really fun.  Of course after all these years I basically know the story of Jason Voorhees and his mother.  I didn't really know details but I wasn't surprised when Mrs. Voorhees announced herself.  I found the movie extremely entertaining, however, it was a lot more fun when the last girl standing was trying to escape Mrs. V.  All of the other characters who were killed earlier had no idea that someone was after them.  The creep-factor came with us knowing someone was lurking and watching them and would eventually kill them all.  But they all hung out, fooled around, ate, drank, got naked and then suddenly killed.  Not in that order but you get the point.  

When the last girl standing, Alice, realized that all of her friends were dead and that there was a killer, it was a lot of fun to watch.  I enjoyed yelling and laughing at her - she was so silly in her efforts to get away.  I would have bashed Mrs. V's head in the first chance I got... probably with that frying pan or the baseball bat.  Why barricade yourself in a cabin and stand next to a window?  Silly girl.  And let's talk about the killer.  She was an unrelenting psycho, wasn't she?  She got around quickly and kept coming back for more despite her age and getting hit multiple times by Alice.  Also, how did she keep that baby blue cable-knit sweater so blood-free?  I'd love to know.

Mrs. Voorhees

Creepiest part: when Mrs. Voorhees speaks as if she's Jason, "Killer her, Mommy. Kill her."

Funniest part: when Jason launches out of the lake and grabs Alice from the canoe.  (it's not supposed to be funny mind you)

Alice Hardy

Cheesiest line: from Kevin Bacon's character (a random camp counselor who was way more interested in hooking up with his girlfriend to really know anything about the weather). He said, " Wind’s coming, shifted a whole 180 degrees." before running up into a cabin to have sex.   What the hell?  Who says things like that or NOTICES things like that? Cracked me up.

Kevin Bacon

Music laugh: At the end when Alice is in the canoe and the "happy" music is playing.  That music was awesomely horrible.  I was laughing so hard and it made the moment when Jason appeared even more hysterical.

Film Strategy: I really liked the POV camera angle as a device to hide the killer from us.  I loved that the hitchhiker in the beginning actually got in the car with the killer and spoke to her, looked at her, all the while we have no clue who it is... that was great.


Now to watch the rest.  Check back for more reviews of the entire franchise.  I'm serious.  I'm determined to watch them all.  Let me know what you think below!


So what draws me to Love in the Time of Monsters? Well, it's a great script for one (thanks to long time friend, Michael Skvarla). Second, the leads are women...

LITOM PosterI think back to the 80s and early 90s... my sisters and I were big into movies and had a huge collection of tapes (VHS) in drawers.  They were mostly recorded movies and shows off of the television.  We watched them over and over.  I know my parents wouldn't let us watch scary movies - or at least they would attempt to keep us from watching.  "No way!" to Friday the 13th, Halloween, Chucky, Gremlins, etc.  However, movies like Howard the Duck and The Peanut Butter Solution, Dark Crystal, Interview with a Vampire and Labyrinth were okay - though watching them now as an adult I wonder how these movies slipped past my parents. Other films I did see: Poltergeist I, II, and III, The Exorcist, Silence of the Lambs, Pet Sematary, It, Tremors, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Death Becomes Her, The Hand that Rocks the Cradle, Frankenstein, The Craft, Fear, Scream....  You get the picture.

So what draws me to Love in the Time of Monsters?  Well, it's a great script for one (thanks to long time friend, Michael Skvarla).  Second, the leads are women and they rock.  Third, the themes of the movie are sacrifice, courage, forgiveness, and Zombie Bigfoots.  (Okay Zombie Bigfoots isn't a theme but it should be!!)  Fourth, the amazing people we're pulling together for this film.  It's guaranteed to be fantastic. 

Introducing the director, Matt Jackson, a good friend and dedicated filmmaker - I'm so excited to watch him on this journey!  Andy Gunn - Producer and ring-leader - I worked with Andy and Matt on Background(ed) about 4 years ago and after numerous awards and festivals I'm happy to be making another film with them.  

Our Cast: So far we've got Kane Hodder - the guy who has played Jason in the last four Friday the 13th movies.  Kane is also our stunt coordinator and he's bringing along a bunch of his best stunt guys to play a handful of other key stunt performing roles in the film.  We've got Doug Jones - the guy who has played a million creatures (okay a million is a slight exaggeration) such as Fauno in Pan's Labyrinth and Abe Sapien in Hellboy.  The rest of our cast is growing - more juicy details to come in the near future.

Then we've got behind-the-scenes guys and girls with credits such as Thor, Hatchet, The Avengers, Transformers, Jeepers Creepers, and Dragon Age.  Every day we are joined by more and more skilled and gifted people.  And the best part - as if that wasn't enough, they are all damn cool, down to earth people and I'm excited to spend a few weeks up in the redwoods with them all.  We may never return.

So just to recap: Love in the Time of Monsters is oozing awesome.

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