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After a long stay on the East Coast filming feature drama 'Buck Run' in Pennsylvania, I'm back in Los Angeles. It's been non-stop since August and I don't see things stopping anytime soon! Here are some stills from the shoot in PA.

Click here: to see what Variety had to say about 'Buck Run'.

The locals welcomed us with open arms.

15 year old Shaw Templeton is the sole caregiver for his mother, Karen, who has Esophageal Cancer. When Shaw finds her dead, he lashes out and ends up in the hands of local Police Officer Jim Daniels, who is forced to hand Shaw over to his estranged, known-alcoholic father, William Templeton. Father and son destructively battle with the loss of Karen and to make matters worse, a tragic lie comes back to haunt William—all the while Shaw rips at the seams. 

'Buck Run' is an absolutely beautiful film with amazing performances and I can't wait for you all to see the mastery that unfolds in this dark tale.

It was a dream working with director Nick Frangioni and producers Nancy Degnan and Julio Lopez. Not to mention the countless talented crew members including our Director of Photography, Anna Franquesa Solano. Certainly a dream team!

Keep the title 'Buck Run' in the back of your minds because it's going to be hot once it hits the festival circuit.