When we talk about filmmaking we normally talk about 3 stages: pre-production, production and post-production. All very important stages, however, there are things before and after these 3 stages that make or break a film's success: development and distribution.

Luckily for the Love in the Time of Monsters producing team, we had a successful development process which included testing the waters at The American Film Market in 2011. We asked questions, pitch our "in development" film to 50 distributors and took in all the insight and tips we could get.

This year with post-production in its final weeks, we set off to the 2012 American Film Market at the Lowes Santa Monica Hotel with a kick-ass sizzle reel of our soon-to-be-completed film. The relationships we forged last year paid off and we now have distributors and agents alike vying to see the completed film. So what's next? Finish the film, hopefully screen at a large festival and sell the film to the highest bidder. I can't wait.


Cost of Capital Ep 3 - "The Reversal" is now live!  If you haven't seen the first two episodes, now is your chance so visit CostOfCapitalTV on YouTube and catch up!!  Please "like" and comment to let us know what you think.



42 seconds of happinessI was recently introduced to writer, Christina Kallas, via Susan Miller (Exec. Producer/Writer of Anyone But Me).  Christina founded and runs the Writers Improv Studio in NYC among the million other things she does (and I thought I was insanely busy!)  One of the projects she's developing is called 42 Seconds of Happiness, improvisations on love if you will.  In short, Christina took her fully developed screenplay, gathered a group of talented actors and loosely guided them on a journey through the story via improv and threw a camera into the mix - recording it from within the story.  This project is just now being released online as a webseries.  When you see the episodes you'll see raw footage of real emotion.  And it's going multi-platform.   As the next chapters unfold you'll see social media and technology play a part.  Additionally, you'll see a feature film develop.  Christina explains 42 Seconds of Happiness here:

This is about love and creation. How can you love when you fear losing? How can you create when you fear being rejected? It all boils down to the same question. And if fear is part of the equation, then you love and create focused on the result, and for the wrong reasons: to get approval and security. Approval and security is what fortune and fame are for, and it is also what relationships and marriage are for. It's all about fear - you are separate from me, you are separate from the other. What happens when you do that? You lose. It's a never-ending cycle.

Improv is the only way to get out of this cycle. Improv is about letting go, about accepting, about being in the moment. There is no past and no future, and we stop controlling. There is no right or wrong, and we stop fearing. There is no you or me, and we are one. 42 Seconds of Happiness is that moment when we are in the moment.

We record every step since the beginning of this project. We are broadcasting this development process, as a web series made from these improvisations, even the camera is part of the improvisation.  We launched on September 1st, 2012 and will continue broadcasting the improvs until the movie is released. One of our fans has described it as watching “real people going through real stories in their real lives.” Honestly, that is the biggest compliment for me.

I'm intrigued, inspired and jumping in feet first.  I'm excited to work with Christina on this project and look forward to experiencing the story as it unfolds into the feature film we're shooting in the new year.  

For the film version of 42 Seconds of Happiness, we're bringing on a Director of Photography and a sound team which the webseries do not have (due to the necessities of something Christina calls "emotional doubling"). We will still however, respect and work within the improvisational process and philosophy which is important to this project - the closest we can think of in terms of films already made is the aesthetic/look and feel of films  The Celebration or In Your Hands.  

Here's a trailer for the webseries (below).  We hope you check this and the episodes as they release online!  Subscribe to the YouTube channel here.

We welcome and encourage your support by following, liking, and sharing information about this project with your friends and family.

Official Site: http://42secondsofhappiness.wordpress.com/

Twitter: http://twitter.com/WritersImprov

Facebook: http://facebook.com/42SecondsOfHappiness

Youtube: http://youtube.com/WritersImprovStudio


Cost of Capital red carpetYou've heard about Cost of Capital since December of 2011 when Goldie Chan and I begin shooting a 6-episode dramatic series about the shadowy world of investment bankers created by Brian DeChesare.  It's been a long road of production, pick-up shoots and post production but all the hard work has paid off.  Not only do we have an amazingly talented group of people in front of and behind the camera but we can now also say we've got the best audience as well.  

Last month we launch our Official Trailer and we have over 17K views to date.  A week ago we discovered to our astonishment that we ranked on IMDb's Movie Meter at #4 and Popular TV at #2.   This means that we were one of the most searched shows/movies on IMDb last week.  Our rank changed from 67,000 to 2.  How does a webseries with no released episodes rank this high on a site next to Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, and Dark Knight Rises?  Well, we'd also like to know so we can do it again and again!  The only thing we can say is that our social media efforts and creating something for a captive audience on M&I has paid off.  We've used Email Marketing, Facebook, Twitter, CrowdSpring, Video Content, Blogs and a Live Event to spread the word.  And it's working.

This week we were proud to release Episode 1 "The Idea"Episode 2 "The Fundraising" online and people are eating it up.  I'm so happy to hear people say, "professional TV quality," "this should be on HBO," and "it looks so good and the characters are so compelling."  How can I not be proud?  Another amazing thing to see is that our cast and crew are also proud of their work as well.  They are promoting and talking about it as much as we are - as they should - but it doesn't always happen.  And I say "they should" because it's their careers they are promoting.  If you are proud of a job well-done then get the word out and promote.  We all do it.  That's how the world will find out who you are.  Unless the eyes are on you, you may continue to struggle and doubt yourself.  Shout from the rooftops and share your links.  We're all routing for Cost of Capital together.  

We submitted Cost of Capital to the IAWTV Awards this week and may submit to others in the near future.  The release schedule for the rest of the show is listed here.  

The Release Schedule:
Monday, Sept. 17 – Ep 1 & 2
Monday, Sept. 24 – Ep 3
Monday, Oct. 1 – From the Red Carpet
Monday, Oct. 8 – Ep 4
Monday, Oct. 15 – Ep 5
Monday, Oct. 22 – Ep 6
If you're so inclined, visit www.costofcapitaltv.com to do all those things that help get the word out about the show: watch, like, subscribe, share and comment on the episodes.  Thanks in advance!

The Links:

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/CostOfCapitalTV *subscribe to our channel and like each video
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/CostofCapitalTV *like if you're on Facebook
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About the show:
How far would you go for the biggest deal of your career?  "Wall Street meets The Social Network." It's a rare behind-the-scenes look into the shadowy world of billionaire investors -- where egos and intrigue collide and a single deal worth hundreds of millions of dollars must get done at any cost. This 6-episode web series was created by Brian DeChesare. Brian is the Founder of Mergers & Inquisitions, the biggest investment banking blog in the world, with nearly half a million monthly visitors and tens of thousands of subscribers. 

Black Tie Premiere Party - Thursday, September 13th

Lots of very exciting news this week regarding Cost of Capital, the new webseries I produced with Goldie Chan.  We're having our very fancy Premiere Party at Dim Mak Studios Thursday, September 13th.  RSVPs are almost closed (we're almost sold out!) so get your ticket soon!  Meet Cost of Capital and Mergers & Inquisitions founder Brian DeChesare and join the cast and crew on the red carpet as well as photographer, Michael Jackson, and Red Carpet Host, Cyndee San Luis!  While everyone is enjoying drinks from the bar, we'll be announcing giveaways to some lucky guests.  Around 8pm we'll be screening Episodes 1 and 2 in the Dim Mak Studio Screening Room.  

Official Online Release - Monday, September 17th

Cost of Capital release image

Make sure you're subscribed at Cost of Capital TV and our YouTube Channel so that you receive notification of new episodes. Monday we're releasing Episodes 1 and 2!

Cost of Capital Release Schedule

Monday, Sept. 17 - Ep 1 & 2
Monday, Sept. 24 - Ep 3
Monday, Oct. 1 - From the Red Carpet
Monday, Oct. 8 - Ep 4
Monday, Oct. 15 - Ep 5
Monday, Oct. 22 - Ep 6

There is no one way to find funding for your project.  Whether it's donations or investments that you're after, people still need to know the same thing.  Who are you?  What is your project/story?  What's your project's goal?  What is the budget?  What is the timeline?  And, what am I going to gain from this?  The answers all vary but this is what makes your story unique and important.  

Last year, you may remember, we produced the TACOathon.  This was an eight-hour fundraising live stream to raise money for two projects: A Boy's Life (short film) and Replaced Series (indie TV pilot).  I, Allison Vanore (Producer of both projects) and Rob Gokee (Music Composer for Replaced) went head-to-head raising money and eating tacos.  Every $50 donated to one of the projects would mean that rep would have to eat a taco.  Now this may seem strange, crazy or just plain stupid HOWEVER that day we raised close to $2,500 total for the two projects.  That's more in one day than any other day we were fundraising.  Why did this work?  It's because Rob and I have a large, supportive network online and offline, Rob also has a reputation for being taco obsessed and we can stream from our home for 8 hours without much technical support.  

What do you need to produce a TACOathon?

Graphics to support the show (Taco Count Photos for Twitter and Facebook)

Chat Room Moderator (Krista Vanore)

Twitter and Facebook Updater (Diane Beck)

A Guest Interview per Hour: Vianessa Castanos, Jamie Fishback, Alicia Ying, Robb Padgett, Heath Vinyard, Sheila Daley, Laurie Records, and Eli Benavidez (all of whom have a large social media presence and network to draw from)

Taco Ingredients prepped and ready to cook

Laptop w/ a built-in camera (and internet connection)

UStream Channel

Promotion to your networks at least a week prior

IndieGoGo Campaign

After our show aired we had a few friends and acquaintances try something similar.  One of which Rob actually took part in: The Destructathon (raising money for Hollywood Wasteland).

There's no wrong way or right way to raise money.  They key is, be creative, think out of the box and do what your network, friends and family will find entertaining.  We knew that our networks would pay money to make Rob eat tons of tacos.  And they did.

To watch the TACOathon, visit our YouTube Channel.


Hollywood Film Festival 2011LOS ANGELES – The star-studded independent romantic comedy, “Hopelessly In June,” was chosen as an official selection in the Hollywood Film Festival, which runs from October 20th to 24th, 2011. You can catch “Hopelessly In June” on Sunday, October 23 at 7pm at the Arclight Cinemas in Hollywood (tickets available here) located at 6360 W. Sunset Blvd (between Vine and Ivar, with DeLongpre to the south) Los Angeles, CA. Produced by Cornbread Films in association with Peninsula Productions, fresh faces Vincent Brantley and Carolyn Neff headline this romantic comedy with an all-star ensemble cast.

Hopelessly In June posterThe film’s supporting cast includes seven-time Emmy Award-winning actor, Ed Asner (“Up,” “Lou Grant,” “The Mary Tyler Moore Show”), comedy veteran Keith David (“There’s Something About Mary,” “Barbershop”), Tommy “Tiny” Lister, Jr. (“The Dark Knight,” “Friday,” “The Fifth Element”), Peter Jason (“Deadwood,” “Adaptation”), and Stuart Pankin (“Dinosaurs,” “Honey We Shrunk Ourselves”) Ella Joyce (“Roc,” “BubbaHo-Tep,” “Stranger Inside”), and Keith Robinson (“Dreamgirls,” “Dear John,” “35 & Ticking”). 


“Hopelessly In June” tells the story of Daleon Myers (Brantley), a financial analyst from a staunch Baptist family who falls hopelessly in love with June Flowers (Neff, “Absolute Evil” and “Spiderman 3”), a Los Angeles businesswoman, from a very liberal family. Brantley and Neff dazzle on the screen with fresh performances. 

For more information on the film, visit http://www.hopelesslyinjune.com/.

About the Director 

“After shooting this film over the course of two years, we are extremely excited to present the film to select industry professionals on the big screen,” said Vincent Brantley, wearing many hats of the film’s production as the producer, co-writer, and director of the film as well as the lead actor. “Our team has worked tirelessly on the film and it shows. I can’t wait to feel the energy of the audience in theatres.” 

Vincent Brantley, co-wrote, starred, produced and directed “Hopelessly In June.” Brantley is a successful producer, songwriter and musician with six platinum albums. With a plethora of awards, he has worked with such musical talents and award-winning artists as Brian McKnight, Howard Hewitt, Christopher Williams, rapper Kurupt, Chico DeBarge, Faith Evans, Bobby Brown as well as the legendary R&B group New Edition. He is credited for writing and producing the band’s first hit single, “Cool It Now,” as well as working with such labels as Universal, Sony, PolyGram and Geffen — just to name a few. This multi-platinum music producer decided to segue from music to film, and studied theatre with renowned acting coach Howard Fine and Gregory Berger. He also mentored as a writer and director with actor/director Mario Van Peebles (“New Jack City,” “Baadasssss!”).

About the Producers of Cornbread Films
“Hopelessly In June” is the first feature film for Cornbread Films, which is made up of producers, Vincent Brantley, Arlan Jay Vetter and Jerry Mosley. Collectively, this trio has worked in the entertainment industry collectively for more than 50 years. 

Jay Vetter, producer and production designer of “Hopelessly In June,” has worked as a production designer since he was 15 years old. He has worked on every film with the Farrelly Brothers, including “Hall Pass” and the upcoming film, “The Three Stooges.” He is best known for his design work on notable film projects, “The Heartbreak Kid,” “Like Mike,” “Dumb and Dumber” and “There’s Something About Mary.” 

Jerry Mosley is the executive producer and producer of “Hopelessly In June.” Interestingly, he has served as a firefighter for more than 20 years while building credits as an actor (“Modern Family,” “General Hospital” “Profiler”) and a member of Screen Actors Guild (SAG). He also is the founder of Cobalt H2O Inc. which invests in real estate, business sales and acquisitions and entrepreneur investment opportunities. 

About Hollywood Film Festival
Hollywood Film FestivalThe HOLLYWOOD FILM FESTIVAL®, HOLLYWOOD DISCOVERY AWARDS®, and HOLLYWOOD AWARDS® were created to bridge the gap between established Hollywood and the global creative community, as well as to honor excellence in the art of filmmaking. This year will be our 15th anniversary and the HOLLYWOOD FILM FESTIVAL® will take place from Oct 21 to 24, 2011, at the Arclight Cinemas in Hollywood. “The ultimate networking opportunity for filmmakers looking for a break,” says Variety. The HOLLYWOOD AWARDS® recognizes excellence in the established Hollywood community by bestowing awards to both in front and behind the camera talent and launches the awards season. “The first mandatory stop in the awards season,” says The New York Times.HOLLYWOOD DISCOVERY AWARDS®: The “Hollywood Discovery Awards” honor the winners of the Hollywood Film Festival’s selected finalists in the categories of Features, Documentaries, and Shorts. The finalists are culled from films from the global creative community.  Official Website: http://hollywoodfest.com/

Allison Vanore
Cornbread Films
Producer & Media Relations
626) 688.0707

I'm happy to announce the screening of two great short films (yes I produced them both but I firmly believe they are amazing and you will be impressed).  This screening brings together A Boy's Life by LA based Eli Benavidez and The Drought by NYC based Kevin Slack.  These two emerging writer/directors are creatives to watch out for in the near future.  They are doing inspiring and artistic things in the world of film.  

Join us tomorrow night for the screening - Monday, August 15, 2011 at 8pm at Raleigh Studios, Chaplin Theatre.

**RSVP Here**

Attendees will also get a sneak peek at something from Hopelessly In June, Replaced and a premiere of a PSA by Raphe Wolfgang.

We look forward to seeing you all there!


LITOM PosterI think back to the 80s and early 90s... my sisters and I were big into movies and had a huge collection of tapes (VHS) in drawers.  They were mostly recorded movies and shows off of the television.  We watched them over and over.  I know my parents wouldn't let us watch scary movies - or at least they would attempt to keep us from watching.  "No way!" to Friday the 13th, Halloween, Chucky, Gremlins, etc.  However, movies like Howard the Duck and The Peanut Butter Solution, Dark Crystal, Interview with a Vampire and Labyrinth were okay - though watching them now as an adult I wonder how these movies slipped past my parents. Other films I did see: Poltergeist I, II, and III, The Exorcist, Silence of the Lambs, Pet Sematary, It, Tremors, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Death Becomes Her, The Hand that Rocks the Cradle, Frankenstein, The Craft, Fear, Scream....  You get the picture.

So what draws me to Love in the Time of Monsters?  Well, it's a great script for one (thanks to long time friend, Michael Skvarla).  Second, the leads are women and they rock.  Third, the themes of the movie are sacrifice, courage, forgiveness, and Zombie Bigfoots.  (Okay Zombie Bigfoots isn't a theme but it should be!!)  Fourth, the amazing people we're pulling together for this film.  It's guaranteed to be fantastic. 

Introducing the director, Matt Jackson, a good friend and dedicated filmmaker - I'm so excited to watch him on this journey!  Andy Gunn - Producer and ring-leader - I worked with Andy and Matt on Background(ed) about 4 years ago and after numerous awards and festivals I'm happy to be making another film with them.  

Our Cast: So far we've got Kane Hodder - the guy who has played Jason in the last four Friday the 13th movies.  Kane is also our stunt coordinator and he's bringing along a bunch of his best stunt guys to play a handful of other key stunt performing roles in the film.  We've got Doug Jones - the guy who has played a million creatures (okay a million is a slight exaggeration) such as Fauno in Pan's Labyrinth and Abe Sapien in Hellboy.  The rest of our cast is growing - more juicy details to come in the near future.

Then we've got behind-the-scenes guys and girls with credits such as Thor, Hatchet, The Avengers, Transformers, Jeepers Creepers, and Dragon Age.  Every day we are joined by more and more skilled and gifted people.  And the best part - as if that wasn't enough, they are all damn cool, down to earth people and I'm excited to spend a few weeks up in the redwoods with them all.  We may never return.

So just to recap: Love in the Time of Monsters is oozing awesome.

What now?  Stay in the loop, of course.  Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.  Also, subscribe to our Blog.

On March 29th 2010, Cornbread Films and Peninsula Productions hosted a private industry screening of Hopelessly in June at the Majestic Crest Theatre in Westwood, CA to a packed house of 400+ people.  The night started with a glamorous red carpet where our cast and executives spoke with red carpet host Kristyn Burtt (video coming soon).

As the crowd settled our director, Vincent Brantley, introduced the film and the lights were dimmed.  Our audience enjoyed 90 minutes of pure laugh out loud moments, amazing music and a story to match the talent on screen.  In attendance were our stars, Carolyn Neff and Vincent Brantley, Keith David, Peter Jason, Stuart Pankin, Tiny Lister and Ella Joyce.

After the screening we headed to X Bar in Century City were we reminisced about the two and a half year filmmaking process and made plans for the future.  At this time we are actively pursuing distribution and film festivals.  Our goal is to get this film in the right hands so we can share the film with the world.  Check in here and at the official Hopelessly in June website for more information about future screenings and deals.