Short Films


A Boy's Life in association with Elias Benavidez

Untitled Project in association with Brian Ward

The Drought in association with Kevin Slack

Of Teaching Killer Whales Compassion in association with Raphe Wolfgang


A Note to Etienne, 2010 in association with Elias Benavidez

A Note to Etienne

Amorette, a young analytical woman, examines her relationship after a catalyst regarding her boyfriend's imperfections occurs.

Starring Isabelle Giroux and Lukas Delcourt.

Written & Directed by: Elias Benavidez

Produced by: Allison Vanore

A Note to Etienne is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas

Purgatory, Inc., 2010 in association with Ai

A satirical comedy that tells the story of Clerk, a new employee of the eternal bureaucracy that is Purgatory, Inc – the IRS of the afterlife.

Written & Directed by: Boris Kievsky

Written & Acted by: Konstantin Lavysh

Produced by: Allison Vanore

Junkyard, 2009 (festivals) in association with Golem Pictures

Junkyard Trailer from Alliecine on Vimeo.

Love Sick Love, 2009 in association with Goat Milk Fudge Productions

Love Sick Love Trailer 2 from Alliecine on Vimeo.

Rooftop, 2009 in association with Goat Milk Fudge Productions

Rooftop Trailer from Alliecine on Vimeo.


Star Corpse, 2007 in association with Cove Entertainment

Star Corpse Inc from Alliecine on Vimeo.


Laughter Once Heard, 2004

short film, 16mm

Laughter Once Heard is a story about a family of three women and their search for completeness in the form of a man.  Mother (Susan Arnold) has recently lost her husband and now lives along with her two grown daughters on the frontier. Carin (Sarah Klein) is the younger daughter, who stares dreamy-eyed at world, hoping for something more, beyond the life she knows.  Alana (Patricia James-Bailey) is more grounded and she looks at life and the reality of it, reminding her sister and mother about the perils of life.  It isn’t until a blind man, Tiernan (Brian Mulligan) enters their lives that the three women must face each other’s desires.

For a copy of this film please contact us here.

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