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Pop-up Pitches


Pop-up-Pitches_Accepting_v2The goal of Pop-up Pitches is to connect filmmakers with other industry professionals and resources that will enable them to finalize the packaging of their film in order to secure funding.

The next Pop-up Pitches event will be scheduled once the pitch slate is full.


To submit your feature film to Pop-up Pitches, please send the below information to us with the Subject Line: Pop-Up Pitches Submission

  • Title
  • Genre
  • Synopsis
  • Plot Summary
  • Filmmaker credits (link to IMDb sufficient)
  • Link to materials: Poster, Actors attached, Teaser or Concept Video (or a script for a teaser you will complete 2 weeks prior to the event)
  • You must also be available for the Pop-up Pitches event in Los Angeles, CA

Next Submission deadline: TBD

To be selected as a pitcher you must agreed to complete the following 2 weeks prior to the next event:

  • 3 minute or less pitch
  • 2 minute or less video element (sizzle, teaser, sample, test) - Video for the event doesn't need to be original i.e. you can use elements from pre-existing properties to present story, tone, etc.
  • Poster designed and printed for display
  • Postcards and business cards with project and contact info
  • Business Plan** (budget, market comparison, talent suggests or attachments)

*The cost to create the above items are at the sole expense of each submitting Filmmaker

**Business Plan will not be required to submit or distribute to event guests but you should have these materials so you are ready for follow-up discussions. It’s all about preparation!

By submitting to Pop-up Pitches you agree to our Legal Terms.