My First Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (Part 4)

Well this was a treat.  A sequel with a few big names in it!  I really enjoyed it AND it actually scared me a bit.

The rundown:

This film also started directly following Part 3.  At the end of Part 3, Jason is dead on the ground of the barn.  In the beginning of Part 4, the medics pack him up in an ambulance and ship him off to the local hospital.  In the same fashion as the other films, Jason is not dead and he ends up waking up in the morgue, killing a doctor and a nurse who are in the middle of a little lustful argument.  Jason then heads back up to Crystal Lake where...
We're introduced to the Jarvis family, a mother, her teenage daughter, Tricia, and younger son, Tommy (played by Corey Feldman).  The Jarvis family live next door to a home that is rented out by a group of teens.  These teens are up at the lake to skinny-dip, drink and have sex - as usual.  
One of these kids is Jimmy or "Jimbo"  (played by Crispin Glover).  I love the scene when the carload of them is headed up to the house and Jimmy's friend is helping him figure out how to make it work with women.  He types something into "the old computer" - which is funny in itself because this is 1984. The computer acts almost like a magic 8-ball and Teddy jokes with Jimmy that the computer says he's "a dead fuck" aka "a lousy lay."  Nice foreshadowing... because we didn't already figure he'd make it out alive.  
A few other awesome Crispin Glover moments: his horribly awkward dance moves and then his sex scene with Tina - the bed collapses under the lovers and later, after the deed, he asks Tina if he's good in bed and Tina tells him he was amazing, followed by his huge dorky grin.  Pretty funny.  
Speaking of Tina... she's one of the twins in this film: Tina and Terri.  You can never go wrong with hot twins (note sarcasm). Tina is a slut and Terri isn't but she tries her best to put up with Jimmy's best friend, Ted, but she leaves him alone with a "Teddy" bear watching some black and white films from way back when of women at the lake dancing around mostly nude.  He gets killed obviously.  The rest of the teens get killed in the typical way of the other films.  
The more interesting part is when the Jarvis family and the random guy who is hunting Jason in the woods, Rob, ban together to find Jason. Mrs. Jarvis goes missing (and we assume she is killed).  Meanwhile her kids, Tricia and Tommy, realize what is going on (that Jason is back).  Rob, who claims that his sister was killed by Jason, is armed with a machete and a screwdriver at this point, along with Tricia, seek out Jason in the neighboring house (after all of the teens are killed).  They leave Tommy behind in the Jarvis home (because it's safer).  Rob and Tricia find Jason in the basement next door where Jason brutally kills Rob.  Tricia is left to fend for herself.  She high-tails it back to her house where she and Tommy barricade themselves in his bedroom.
Let's take a moment to talk about Tommy's bedroom. Tommy has a hobby of making scary masks and creatures.  I suppose his room looks a lot like Tom Savini's SFX house.  The room is littered with scary masks and limbs, etc.  The kid is obviously very creative and talented.  So they barricade themselves in the room but Jason hacks the door with an axe.  Luckily in a moment of panic, Tricia grabs a TV and bashes it over Jason's head (she must have been strong since that 80s TV was probably heavy as hell).  The TV seems to electrocute Jason and he sprawls out cold on the floor in the hallway.  
But like the Jason we all know, he isn't dead.  He wakes up and chases Tricia downstairs where he comes close to killing her.  Tommy as Young JasonTommy is inspired (by the news clippings he found earlier) and soon appears at the bottom of the stairs with a shaved head and grey face.  He now looks like a young Jason.  Using this tactic he is able to get Jason's attention and while he turns his back to Tricia, she stabs him with the machete.  Jason lays dead on the floor...  but then Jason stirs again, young Tommy grabs the machete and hacks away at Jason's body in somewhat of a psychotic fit.
The last moment of that scene shows Tommy hugging his sister, but then he turns and looks at the camera with that scary look that says he's not really okay.  

But this is the last film, right?  It may be called The Final Chapter but this franchise is far from over.  This film, despite getting mostly bad reviews, made about $32 million in the domestic box office and therefore Paramount decided to continue the franchise...

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