NYTVF A Blast!

We are still in the middle of NYTVF and we're having a blast.  Here representing SOLO The Series is Creator, Jonathan Nail, Producer, Allison Vanore, Music Composer, Rob Gokee and Allison's sister (newly out of film school), Krista Vanore.

Tuesday and Wednesday night SOLO screened to a packed audience along side Gentrification, a pilot about two young Caucasian families in LA who recently moved to Highland Park.  The comedy is found in the juxtaposition of the white families (with their Prius driving, private school submitting selves) and their Hispanic neighbors.   The other pilot we shared a slot with was Greg and Donny.  This comedy takes place in Pennsylvania where the characters are more like caricatures of the people the creators grew up around.  Lots of laughs all around for the three comedies in our block!

Today is Digital Day so we head into NYC to attend a day of panel discussions and screenings later tonight.  Tonight Gold: Night of the Zombie King screens so we'll be there supporting our friends, Stephanie Thorpe, Taryn O'Neill, David Nett and Frederick Snyder!

Tomorrow night is the award show where NYTVF will be announcing pilot winners and the famous People's Choice Award!  Wish us luck!

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