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Cast & Crew Screening of “Purgatory, Inc.”

This past Sunday, April 18, 2010, Hollywood Shorts (lead by Kimberly Browning) graciously hosted a shorts film event at Cinespace Los Angeles where we screened "Purgatory, Inc." to a full house.  Our film received lots of laughs and many compliments.  The night couldn't have been better - well, it would have been slightly better if I was able to attend!  I was shooting on Sunday for a new short film so my schedule just wouldn't allow for it!

Now we'll be shopping "Purgatory, Inc." around and those  upcoming opportunities will seal its fate. Will it continue on, chapter after chapter as a web series?  Or will it grace the festival circuit as a short film.  The production team behind "Purgatory, Inc." Boris Kievsky, Konstantin Lavysh & Allison Vanore, certainly want to see it have a life on the web.

If anyone is interested in seeing our web series proposal please contact me, Allison Vanore by submitting your info here.

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