After a long stay on the East Coast filming feature drama 'Buck Run' in Pennsylvania, I'm back in Los Angeles. It's been non-stop since August and I don't see things stopping anytime soon! Here are some stills from the shoot in PA.

Click here: to see what Variety had to say about 'Buck Run'.

The locals welcomed us with open arms.

15 year old Shaw Templeton is the sole caregiver for his mother, Karen, who has Esophageal Cancer. When Shaw finds her dead, he lashes out and ends up in the hands of local Police Officer Jim Daniels, who is forced to hand Shaw over to his estranged, known-alcoholic father, William Templeton. Father and son destructively battle with the loss of Karen and to make matters worse, a tragic lie comes back to haunt William—all the while Shaw rips at the seams. 

'Buck Run' is an absolutely beautiful film with amazing performances and I can't wait for you all to see the mastery that unfolds in this dark tale.

It was a dream working with director Nick Frangioni and producers Nancy Degnan and Julio Lopez. Not to mention the countless talented crew members including our Director of Photography, Anna Franquesa Solano. Certainly a dream team!

Keep the title 'Buck Run' in the back of your minds because it's going to be hot once it hits the festival circuit.

I've been producing some horror shorts for Crypt TV so I wanted to give you a place to watch them all. Being that it's Halloween I figure there is nothing more pressing than watching a bunch of films to put you in the holiday mood. But first, like Crypt TV on Facebook so you can spread the love and show your support for these projects so we can keep making more!

Now, watch & share!

Written/Directed/VFX by Justin Martinez

Gena Shaw
Bilal Mir
Whitney Ullom
Anthony Pavelich

Cinematography by Jorge Luis Urbina
Props Gilberto Vega
Sound Recordist Ben Turner
1st AC Evan Parquette
Score by Rob Gokee

Time Suck
Written/Directed/Produced by Allison Vanore

Cynthia San Luis
Jo Bozarth
Brian McLaughlin
Marcus Chavez

Cinematography by Jorge Luis Urbina
Make-up by Galaxy San Juan
Make-up Assistant Morgan Lorene
Production Sound Mixer Rakesh Anderson
Score by Rob Gokee
Special Thanks to Erin Fleming

Woman in the Book
Written/Directed/VFX by Justin Martinez

Marsha Vassilevskaia
Paul Natonek
Rachael Hip-Flores

Cinematography by Raphe Wolfgang
Make-up by Galaxy San Juan
Production Sound Gilberto Vega & Ben Turner
Score by Rob Gokee

Family Photo
Written/Directed by Matt Jackson

Kim Whalen
Tim Guest
Tricia Guest
Matt Jackson

Cinematography by Jorge Luis Urbina
Gaffer Levi Kaminkowitz
Make-up by Galaxy San Juan
Make-up Assistant Morgan Lorene
Production Sound Mixer Rakesh Anderson
Special Thanks to John Georgopoulos

Written/Directed by Vianessa Castaños

Samantha Tan
Jordan Hubbard

Cinematography by Jorge Luis Urbina
Make-up by Galaxy San Juan
Make-up Assistant Morgan Lorene
Production Sound Mixer Rakesh Anderson
Special Thanks to Erin Fleming
Score by Rob Gokee

Zombie Pets
Written/Directed/Animated by Stephen Leonard

Written/Directed/Cinematography by Jorge Luis Urbina

Grace Serrano
Makenzie Lee-Foster
Rhoda Pell

Make-up by Galaxy San Juan
Make-up Assistant Morgan Lorene
Score by Rob Gokee

Written/Directed/Cinematography by Jorge Luis Urbina

Anthony Pavelich
Vianessa Castaños

VFX by Justin Martinez
Make-up by Galaxy San Juan
Make-up Assistant Morgan Lorene
Score by Rob Gokee

Co-Written by Matt Jackson & Dan Litzinger
Directed by Matt Jackson

Marissa Skell
Benj Goehner
Lisa Marie Long

Cinematography by Jorge Luis Urbina
Gaffer Levi Kaminkowitz
Make-up by Galaxy San Juan
Make-up Assistant Morgan Lorene
Production Sound Mixer Rakesh Anderson
Special Thanks to John Georgopoulos
Score by Rob Gokee

Becky With the Good Hair
Written/Directed by Vianessa Castaños

Briana DeCoster
Anna Lamadrid

Cinematography by Jorge Luis Urbina
Make-up by Galaxy San Juan
Make-up Assistant Morgan Lorene
Score by Rob Gokee

There is one more that has yet to be posted... so when it is I'll add it here. Let us know what you think! Which one is your favorite and why?

Success all around. Lots of firsts. And a Wonder Woman statuette.

2016-08-19 17.52.33-4

Our feature, 42 Seconds of Happiness premiered at the Women Texas Film Festival in Dallas, Texas among many films by women in prominent roles/positions in the film. Writer/Director Christina Kallas was in attendance along with actors Catherine Cobb Ryan (Vineke) and Lauren Sowa (Alis).

2016-08-19 17.54.49

Friday afternoon Christina was featured along with another filmmaker on the local ABC affiliate News 8.


Friday night our ladies walked the red carpet and were interviewed by That Nerd Show.

Saturday the film screened at the famous Texas Theatre with a Q&A following.


Then we were ecstatic to learn that we won Best Feature Film of the festival! You can read all about it here in this Dallas Film Commission article and in this interview by Selig Film News. And that meant we won the Wonder Woman statuette. And yes, we had to pose with her - wouldn't you?!

WTxFF_Award Photo

Thank you to Women Texas Film Festival, Justina, John, Dev and all of the others who talked film, supported us, helped us, and watched the film along side us. This is only the beginning.

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We now have the details for our screening of 42 Seconds of Happiness at the Women Texas Film Festival.

Join us (and purchase your tickets now!)

Saturday, August 20th


Texas Theatre

231 W Jefferson Blvd.

Dallas, Texas 75208.

Purchase Tickets for our screening here and view the full festival schedule here.

Official WTxFF


wtxff-slider2It's been an exciting time for 42 Seconds of Happiness. We are getting word from festivals around the country and first up is Women Texas Film Festival in Dallas, Texas. The 3-day festival August 19 - 21 features films that have women in major positions in the film. We can definitely check that box: from writer/director Christina Kallas to producer Allison Vanore to our cast filled with talented ladies Becca Ayers, Catherine Cobb Ryan, Margaret Kelly Murphy, Toni Robison-May, Laura Pruden and Lauren Sowa.

If you're in Dallas please make sure you attend our screening (details TBD) and say hi to Christina and Lauren who are attending the festival.

The line-up was announced just a few days ago and here is what some of the local press is saying about the festival and films:

First Ever Women’s Texas Film Festival Will Take Place August 19-21 With Films Galore At Texas Theatre

"...a lineup of films that amuse, surprise, provoke and frighten. And film goers will get a taste of the skill and imagination of some very talented women pulling the strings and at the helm of visual storytelling."

- My Sweet Charity read article

WTXFF Announces Full Film Lineup

"Christina Kallas’ comedy, 42 SECONDS OF HAPPINESS, about a group of friends working their way in and out of relationship drama while attending a friend’s same-sex wedding;"

- Selig Film News read article

First Women Texas Film Festival announces lineup

"We look forward to putting the women responsible for these stories on a pedestal here in the heart of Texas."

- Star Telegram read article

We also debuted our trailer this week so check it out!

42 Seconds of Happiness - Official Trailer from Alliecine on Vimeo.

The time is finally here, Daddy, a feature I produced along side Gerald McCullouch, Dan Via and Steven Tylor O'Connor, is out and ready for consumption! That, and The Advocate thinks you should watch it. We initially sold out in 24 hours but it's back in stock and ready for you. Get it while it's hot!

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 8.16.26 PM

Here's the Trailer if you need more convincing:

So where can you watch it? Right here:


Video On-Demand

All cable provider

Amazon Instant


Google Play


DVD comes with some fantastic bonus features - Deleted Scenes and Behind the Music features with Composer Rob Gokee and Songwriter Corey TuT



Available Outside the US



Pro-Fun Media

United Kingdom

TLA Releasing - coming May 9

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One thing I ask is that after you purchase, watch and hopefully enjoy - please leave your rating and reviews on Amazon, IMDb, and post about it online. We're all about sharing the love. You can connect with us here:




Ultimate Hashtag: #WhosYourDaddy


The DADDY Score!

Composer Rob Gokee has compiled a special album of his original music from the film, available here.

The DADDY Songs!

You can also download the songs from the film by Corey TuT on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, TIDAL, Bandcamp, Amazon and iTunes - yes, basically every where.

Daddy is distributed domestically by Breaking Glass Pictures and internationally by M-Appeal.

Vanity- Banner-large_sharp

It's been a very busy springtime and this spring brought an exciting surprise, Vanity was nominated for a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Digital Series! We were honored to be nominated and attend the Nominee reception and the Creative Arts Awards. While Vanity didn't take home the statue, I'm happy we got to enjoy the experience with our producing team. Hopefully this means more Vanity in the future and more accolades if we keep up the good work. Go team Vanity!

Click here to watch Vanity Season 1

EmmyAwardsRedCarpet2016 EmmyNomineeRec2016


Socio-BTS-VideoVillageI've been so busy with back-to-back productions that I haven't posted all of the exciting updates I have in a while.

Before the holidays I produced Socio with Canvas Media Studios and Astronauts Wanted. Due to the genius of Bernie Su, we got to shoot the pilot for this kick-ass drama starring India Eisley and Michael Copon here in Los Angeles. For this project we brought back many of our creative team from Vanity. Socio is created and directed by Bernie Su, shot by Allen Ho, production design by Cody Fusina, editing by Robb Padgett, and casting by Mary Jo Slater. We were thrilled to have shot in iconic locations throughout the city including under the 6th Street Bridge and Echo Park Lake.

Check out what The Hollywood Reporter had to say about Socio.

Here are some photos from our shoot:
Socio-BTS-Bullpen Socio-BTS-EchoPark Socio-BTS-6thStreetTunnel Socio-BTS-Diner


TRE-BTS-AllisonVanoreOver the holidays I did the unthinkable. I shot a feature film. Yes, I went right from wrapping a pilot in Los Angeles to preproduction on The Rainbow Experiment in Manhattan which began filming on December 27th.

Things spiral out of control in a high school when a terrible accident involving a science experiment injures a kid for life.

Luckily the weather was kind to us and my family didn't kill me for being mostly unavailable for holiday festivities and relaxation.

We filmed for 12 days mostly at Xavier High School with an acting ensemble of over 30 key cast members. We were fortunate to have an amazing cast and our crew was endlessly devoted and talented.

For those of you who don't know much about The Rainbow Experiment, you can pop over here to read more about it here: The Rainbow Experiment.
TRE-BTS-42SecondsThis production was also a reunion for most of the 42 Seconds of Happiness cast and crew. Both films were written and directed by Christina Kallas, cinematography by Dave Sharples, and our cast included 42 Seconds vets Robert Z Grant, Laura Pruden, Chris Veteri, Lauren Sowa, Catherine Cobb Ryan, Vandit Bhatt and John J. Concado.

I'll keep you updated on this film as we wade through hours and hours of footage and navigate post production.

Here are some photos from set:



The cast includes Robert Z Grant, Kevin Kane, and Margaret Champagne of The Collective NY.




Shot on location in NYC.











Also starring Stratos Tzortzoglou as "Nicky."